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The Crazy Time Experiment Report – Analyzing The 4 Steps In The Creative Process – In Real Crazy Time

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I LOVE Stampington and Company magazines.

I’ve been buying them for years.

You might be a fan too.

If you don’t know them you’ll want to click the link below to see some of their popular mags.

Here are some of their best selling art magazines from recent months.


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Can Scientists Be Creative? Ask The Inventor of The First Video Game!


Like many of you landing on this site, I’m a creative person and solopreneur.

I know the fun and satisfaction of making and using bath, body and skincare products yourself.

It’s even more fun when the products turn out good enough to sell!

I’ve found a newsletter that offers the best information on making and selling handmade body products written by a maker and seller with many years of experience.

Find it here….

The HandCrafters Companion.

Some of the things I’ve learned from the HandCrafters Companion are:

  • how to get the right consistency in skincare products… consistently
  • how to recreate small recipes to bulk recipes
  • how to package the products properly for sending and selling
  • the best combination of ingredients for skin types
  • list of where to buy the best wholesale materials
  • and more…

“Seek Your Craft – Live Your Art”

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