crazy time experiment, spontaneous creativity

What Is The Crazy Time Experiment? {Exploring Spontaneous Creativity}

crazy time experiment

What is The Crazy Time Experiment?

{Exploring Spontaneous Creativity}


Quick Story of spontaneous creativity…

I was at the home of a family member’s house for Christmas (2018).

My CRAZY family… Loud and fun and full of love… So whenever I visit I call it ‘Crazy Time.’

I looked around the walls of her living room. She had just a couple of pictures hanging, besides their wall mounted flat screen TV.

I asked her why her walls were bare.

Apparently, she had begun to redecorate and then entered an extended negotiation of their lease with the landlord. They weren’t sure for a number of months if they would be staying there or not.

I didn’t say anything to her, but I had a though of spontaneous creativity. Maybe I could create a large piece of mixed media wall art for her?

I didn’t tell her about the idea. Instead, I’ve begun thinking it through in my head. I know they love art deco style art with some “bling” or shiny, sparkly elements.

My art is nothing like that. I work with a lot of paper and my style tends to end up very “shabby chic.”

I call this  “The Crazy Time Experiment.”

It Was My shot at Spontaneous Creativity

Except it didn’t stay that way. It certainly changed A LOT from the inception to the execution. In ways I never would have expected… and that’s all part of the creative thought process.

It’s now the beginning of 2020 {January} and the Crazy Time Experiment is now a budding greeting card and meditation MP3 business.

My sister didn’t get the wall art because I didn’t end up doing it… 2019 saw a huge change of direction in my art and now I’m documenting it.

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