crazy tie experiment report #1

The Crazy Time Experiment Report #1 – {Analyzing 4 Steps To The Creative Process}

crazy tie experiment report #1

The Crazy Time Experiment {1st Report}

Analyzing 4 Steps To The Creative Process

This Crazy Time Experiment {1st Report}  allows me to examine the very analytical take on creativity by researchers in the field.

The articles I found on creativity and the creative process all sounded alike to me. They tended to site the same 4 steps to the creative process. It was like each website and their writers just copy and pasted the below sequence…

  1. Preparation – Doing research, collect information and data. The Preparation phase is basically a research stage of collecting information or data. Reference here. 


2. Incubation – This phase involves your conscious and subconscious minds working on the idea. Your brain is making new connections, asking what might work or not, it’s visualizing, separating out unnecessary thoughts, and searching for other ideas. Reference here.


3. Illumination – The Illumination phase, is in essence, the “lightbulb” moment. Which personally, I’m not sure what that means… my artwork never seems to have a “lightbulb” moment even when I think I’ve been illuminated. I’d like to have a nice neat “lightbulb” moment in my work. If you get these I’m happy for you. The rest of us just chip away at it until it’s done. Reference here.


4. Verification –  Basically the verification stage is the testing of the idea to determine its validity. The art is then executed. I guess. It just doesn’t work that way for me. Reference here.

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So, currently, I’m in the preparation stage for the Crazy Time Experiment…

I will say I’m quite skeptical about the above 4 steps to the creative process… as they describe these steps differently than I think I experience them.

I’ll continue to write about this and document it as I go. I hope you gain insight into your own creative process through this experiment. Thank you.

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