crazy time experiment

The Crazy Time Experiment – Report #2

crazy time experiment

OK… so here is my first ‘art report’ on my creative thought process behind The Crazy Time Experiment.

{What is the Crazy Time Experiment? Find Out Here..}

Right now… I am still in the thought phase or what ‘experts’ say is the beginning or ‘preparation phase’.

Personally I find it very beneficial to get a fairly clear picture of what I want to do with a piece of art in my head first before I start working on it.

Whenever I’ve tried to start an art project without a somewhat clear, fleshed out image in my head… it took forever! I would get stuck. I didn’t know what to do next. The process dragged on.

Are They Lying?

In fact, I’ll go as far to say any artist or writer who tells you they just sit down and write or go to their canvas and paint and it all just happens… either don’t know themselves very well… or they’re lying to you.

If they’re being honest and/or aware of their own thought process, they would say they have a pretty good idea of the end product or goal that they want to accomplish when they start the project.

For example, a painter will see the finished abstract painting on the canvas in their mind. They’ll see the final painting with a zebra in the center surrounding bright colors splashing off where the zebra stripes end.

Changing It Up

Next, as they create the painting of the zebra, many things may change. The colors they decide to use might change. The number of zebra they paint might change. The direction of the strips and splashes of color they use may change.

The point is, successful artists tend to start with a very clear image in their minds of what they want to create first before they begin it. Writers see their characters interacting and taking action before they write a word.

Of course, things change along the way. However, a strong piece of art starts with a clear internal image in an artists mind.

That’s the phase I’m in now. I’m forming a clear image in my mind of what the final piece of art for my sister will look like. This is what the creativity ‘experts call the ‘preparation’ phase.

Adapting My Art

For my Crazy Time Experiment, I want to adapt my style of art, which is very textured, layered mixed media to something more blingy and art deco-ish. That’s the style my sister likes.

So far, what I’ve come up with is this…

I’m about to buy/order a cradled hardwood art board at least 16×20 inches in size. Next, I’ll paint one half black and the other half white along the diagonal from the top right corner to the bottom left. That will be the background.

For the main design I see myself making small squares or rectangles out of cardboard and wrapping them in my mixed media art papers (hand painted on recycled paper).

I want these squares/rectangles to be very colorful and to contrast sharply with the black and white background. I will then use these colorful squares to spell out the word ‘Crazy Time’ on top  of the black and white background.

I also know I want to incorporate some shiny gold paint along the outside edges of the hardwood panel and possibly around the lettering of the words Crazy and Time… for a little bling.

What I have just described above feels right to me so far…


Next… which colors and which of my (many) mixed media design techniques do I use to wrap the squares for the lettering?

My worry here is that it might start looking too busy and ‘messy’ which is the last thing I want. My sister is really not a fan of rough country or mixed media designs.

So I’ll need to keep my design techniques focused and limited to just a few colors. Also.. what colors do I use in the mixed media art papers for this piece?

I’ve got to think of what design techniques I’ll use. I love to use layers of design and texture in my art. I think I’ll need to be careful though because it will start to look too country style for my sister.

If you’re curious as to what I mean by ‘messy’ or rough… you can see my Instagram feed or this page of the site which displays my Instagram pictures to get a look at the kind of art I do.

The Next Crazy Time Experiment Report… #3

So, in the next report I’ll share my decision as to what techniques and colors I’m going to use. I’ll include pictures too! And remember… Live Your Art!

Thanks for reading and remember to Live Your Art! R.M. Robbins

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