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3 Questions A Screenwriter Should Ask – FILM COURAGE – Paul Joseph Gulino {VIDEOS}

I’ve discovered a great Youtube channel called Film Courage.

They specialize in helping writers with scripts for movies and TV.

There are LOTS of great tips on this channel.

For example, in the clips below, Paul Joseph Gulino —> Chapman University (Dodge College) professor and author offers 3 questions every screenwriter should ask themselves when developing a story.

Gulino has written a book based on his experience and insights into writing for movies and TV.  

These are excellent tips!

I’m curious as to how Paul Joseph Gulino would think about this post on how to get UNstuck when you’ve got writers block.

Here’s a FULL interview with Paul Joseph Gulino speaking to Film Courage once again.

Gulino shares his recommendations on screenwriting tools & strategies to keep the audience engaged. 

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