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Things aren’t getting easier online and it doesn’t look like they’re about to anytime soon, right?

As big, bold and beautiful as the internet is it can also be a pretty ugly place for the individual entrepreneur and small business.

I get it because I am one of those people.


After way too much trial and even more error, I’ve learned to maneuver through the online static.

It takes a multi-fold approach and laser light focus to do it. It also means seeing the long game.

What this means is you must know exactly what you offer and who you serve. You must also see yourself engaging in your business for at least 3-5 years or longer to truly be effective.

Without these two foundational understandings your business will have a difficult time finding its flow…. and that’s what we want as small businesses, right?

A flow of clients coming our way without the drudgery of repetitive and boring digital marketing tasks.


creative project management


That’s where I come in as your project manager and coach —> online and off.

I can not only help you pinpoint a strategy, but I can help execute it too.

I work with writers, editors, social media managers, developers, graphic designers online and with tradesmen and property owners on the ground in New Hampshire.

Since I’ve done pretty much every task necessary to brand a business online, I can co-ordinate all of the marketing for your creative endeavor with its unique challenges.


Unlike say, the insurance field, where there are many strict protocols to follow, a creative business must think on its feet. A good decision today can turn into a bad one tomorrow.


So, if you’re an investor or creative entrepreneur and you’re finding you’re not as effective as you could be… then let’s talk.

I can coach you to a crystal clear branding message and formulate a business strategy for the next several years. I can help implement the strategy too, as your project manager.

My style revolves around asking you the right questions. This helps me see a pattern which into turn helps you find the best answer for your brand and business situation.


AND About….

All you real estate investors, fix and flippers, buyers and agents!

I’m connected to a network of people and properties in the Manchester, New Hampshire area.

Despite its troubles, Manchester is a city ripe with opportunity.

If you can see the possibilities and want to have me scout properties for you,

I can save you a lot of time, money and hassle.


Please send me a direct message at:


I look forward to speaking with you about the opportunities available.

Renee – Coach for Creative Entrepreneurs

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“Seek Your Craft – Live Your Art”

Thanks for reading. I wish you much imagination. Renee

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