Dedicated To Maximizing The Utilization Of The Creative Mind

Have you noticed that human beings just don’t seem as imaginative as they used to be?

Even just 15-20 years ago, art, entertainment and conversation in general, was much more intriguing than it is now.

Don’t you think so?

If you agree, then you and I may have something in common.

Have you wrestled with how your ‘artsy’ brain works and how to get the most out of it? I know I have.

It’s a journey after all.


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The types of struggles I’ll address here are;

– organization

– being fully productive

– follow through

– procrastination

– overwhelm

– not knowing where to start

– not knowing what to focus on

– understanding how your mind learns

 Stampington & Company

As they say, “it’s not just a magazine… it’s an experience.”

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